GroupUp is a cross platform mobile application for sharing activities with friends. The goal was to get people to come together both online and off. Users were able to share gifs, maps, selfies, and tag friends.

Problem Statement

Making plans is tough. Current tools do not make it any easier to find out which of my friends want to chill.


College age to young professional demographic. This age group polled as fitting our problem statement.

My Role

Product Designer


- Download and experience every noteworthy app release
- Identify all other products in this space

- Discuss feature sets needed to solve our problem statement for the target demographic
- Roadmap into epics, epics break down to prioritized stories, stories break down to tasks
- Map out funnel reports and success metrics for key tasks and features

- Design iOS with a purist approach to the human interface guidelines
- Design android with the same attention to detail to the material design guidelines

- Design and prototype some key interactions.
- Choose spots to purposefully break standard design patterns in the hopes of delivering a custom experience
- Test each build for design execution, task flow, and user experience
- Buy installs via facebook to test hypothesis with new users

- Iterate based on data findings, instincts, and roadmap

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