Payability advances capital based on earnings from the marketplaces suppliers rely on for monetization. Accelerating their ability to reinvest in user acquisition, and expand faster. Marketplaces benefit from a seamless integration with our platform and no complicated process changes. The marketplace can choose control over which suppliers are invited to enroll.

Problem Statement

As a supplier of a marketplace, I need to get paid faster so that I can grow my business.
As a marketplace, I want to offer my suppliers an option to receive faster payments.


Marketplaces often get pressured by their top suppliers to speed up the payment terms.
Suppliers who are in a high growth stage looking for cash on hand to invest back into their business.

My Role

Product Designer


- Reseach and define user roles
- Identify needs and tasks of the users
- Consider the tools needed to acheive all user tasks

- Discuss requirements with product manager
- Communicate success metric for product requirements
- Prioritize requirements in design sprints

- Leverage a design framework and focus on the user flow
- Present low fidelity user flows to product and front end for feedback
- Execute user flow into a high fidelity user interface design

- Document early stages of an interactive styleguide
- Document designs via dev sprint stories
- Actively work with development team to supply svg assets, css, and animation prototypes
- Test every build to ensure that the product and/or feature adheres to the design spec

- Measure the product to figure out how close the conversions and/or tasks meet up to the goals set forth
- Iterate and continue focus towards the agreed upon roadmap
- Enjoy the ride and keep at it:)

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