Pictela is a best in class platform for the creation, deployment, and reporting of ad units at scale. The platform supports all standard and IAB rising star templates. Each template supports a number of applications to deliver an engaging brand experience. The Pictela platform was the backbone of project devil premium ad units at AOL with reach beyond O&O properties.

Problem Statement

AOL needed a way to create, deploy, and report upon its premium ad unit offerings at scale.


Designers, account managers, data scientists and advertising agencies relied on the platform to efficiently execute business.

My Role

UX / UI Designer


- Product presents an ask for a new app, format or feature. Design & Development probe for criteria and defined use-cases
- Creates wireframes based on product objectives and best-practice UX principals. Design and Development review the wireframe in tandem

- Design and Development present solution documentation (finished wireframes and/or fidelity mock) to Product for “Buy-In”
- All states of app, format or feature accounted for in the design documentation. Development of initial prototype for user testing
- Create a high fidelity prototype to be socialized to engineers and the Product Manager to stakeholders in account management and sales teams

- Development will work on the final build for production
- Design is responsible for assets, css, and styleguide documentation used by stakeholders in the organization

- Quality assurance of the product
- Data collection, A/B testing, and iteration planning

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