Top Waiter is a platform designed to help workers in the service industry build an audience to increase table services. Users can keep up with the latest offerings, food specials, and cocktails at their favorite nearby restaurants. Users can book a table with their favorite waiters and reward good service with tips and flair.

Problem Statement

As a waiter I want to maximize my service shift with as many table requests possible.
As a food enthusiest I want to feel like a regular at my favorite restaurants.


Waiters looking to be entrepeneurial and gain table requests from their followers.
Anyone who wants to champion and reward good service!

My Role

Product Designer


- Simply eating out at different types of restaurants ranging from fast food, casual full service, to fine dining in order to understand the differentiation in service
- Invested in paid surveys with samplings of waiters, restaurant owners, and yelp reviewers to measure interest in the concept

- Understand our limitations as far as APIs and data providers
- Accept our limitations as to the feasibility or lack of access to the POS systems at restaurants
- Tailor a cohesive product that can deliver our value prop elegantly despite technical limitations

- Define success metrics and reporting
- Quickly validate assumptions with an MVP product

- Measure product in the wild

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